Assessing the return on investments (cost-benefits) of prevention in Switzerland: a feasibility study

document:Chevrou-Severac_2007_PraeventionCH.pdf Chevrou-Severac_2007_PraeventionCH_ES.pdf
authors:Chevrou-Séverac, Hélène; Wieser, Simon; Holly Alberto; Brügger, Urs; Schleiniger, Reto
year of publication:2007
place of publication:Lausanne; Winterthur
publishers: Universität Lausanne, Institute of Health Economics and Management (IEMS); Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur, Winterthurer Institut für Gesundheitsökonomie (WIG)
policy sector(s):
  • health
geographical area of investigation:
  • Switzerland
  • federal level
institutional affiliation of the customer:
  • executive (administration)
customer:Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
institutional affiliation of the authors:
  • university
time perspective of the evaluation:
  • ex ante
object of the evaluation:Assessing the feasibility of a cost-benefit analysis of prevention in Switzerland
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