Zwischenevaluation des ETH-Bereichs

authors:Wilson, Jack; Baggiolini, Marco; Chubb Ian William; Flodström, Anders; Rietschel, Ernst; Fong Shih, Choon; Staiblin, Jasmin; Teeri, Tuula
year of publication:2011
place of publication:Zürich
publisher: ETH Rat
policy sector(s):
  • education
geographical area of investigation:
  • Switzerland
  • federal level
institutional affiliation of the customer:
  • other public authorities or private organizations
customer:Eidgenössischen Technische Hochschulen
institutional affiliation of the authors:
  • university
  • civil society (NGO, private research institute, business company, etc.
time perspective of the evaluation:
  • on-going / ex post
object of the evaluation:ETH-Bereich
coded as synEval: