SynEval database

In the framework of the SynEval-Program an evaluation database has been created for the purpose of research. The database is accessible with the following link:

SynEval database query

The SynEval database concentrates on evaluations with publicly available evaluation reports for the period of 2000 to 2012 and focuses on the following three policy areas:

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Health

Further, the SynEval database mainly covers evaluation about the following four public entities:

  • Canton of Berne
  • Canton of Geneva
  • Canton of Zurich
  • Federal level

The federation and the three cantons act thereby either as commissioner, author or evaluation object (territorial area under investigation).

The SynEval database comprises 657 evaluations for the defined area. Additionally, 45 evaluations that were published more recent or cover other policy areas and cantons, were entered in the database, therewith the database includes a total of 704 entries.

SynEval database query

The SynEval database contains the evaluation reports and a dataset with the main characteristics of the included evaluations, that allows searching for particular evaluations. The query tool is in English but the entries (e.g. the title of the evaluations) were made in the original languages of the evaluations.

Documentation and further information about the SynEval database

LeGes Werkstattbericht, Frey et al. 2016 (German).

Codebook (English).